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Build an Online Team with Elance, Elance Made Easy

Thursday, June 17th, 2010 at 9:51 AM and is filed under Slider


Outsourcing" href="http://www.dpbolvw.net/click-3798273-10778669" target="_blank">Elance is one of the oldest and most well-known outsourcing and freelancing companies on the net.  They are one of the first outsourcing companies I used when I started outsourcing work. 

I have used several services since then and I still go back to Elance as one of my sourcing solutions. I’m always on a quest to find qualified freelancers to outsource my work.

The Elance system is somewhat simple to use and if you are looking to use it to find a freelancer, it doesn’t cost any money.  (If you are a freelancer yourself, they do take a small percentage of your earnings for the service). 


Elance has one of the largest freelance networks in the world.  You will find freelancers from all around the world with prices that range from dirt cheap to (get out your MasterCard) expensive.  I have used them several times and even made long-term working relationships through this service.  I have outsourced tasks like eBook writing and editing, articles, logos & graphic design and some web design through Elance.   Elance goes beyond just internet marketing tasks.  The process is simple and you are not obligated to choose anyone. 


As in any outsourcing, using Elance can be hit-or-miss proposition.  You can pre-interview candidates before making a selection, but initial information is limited compared to my favorite, Odesk.  You do get past ratings and lifetime earnings, but you don’t get a very good assessment of their skill levels. 

Despite these limitations, I would not ignore Elance!  I recommend looking for someone to hire in Elance and other outsourcing companys. It doesn’t hurt because quite often the more candidates for selection, the better!  You will probably find that you get the most responses from Elance!

Build an Online Team with Elance, Elance Made Easy

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